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    New Race

    (Taken from the Dark Sun novel "Cinnabar Shadows" by Lynn Abbey.)

    New Race beings emerge from the Pristine Tower where they are created by mysterious halflings. They are made from "dead material" - basically like Dr. Frankenstein's monsters - only with a slightly better quality. The great thing about New Race beings is that you can create almost any look you want. You can give them strange new abilities or charactertraits. For example, Mahtra, the main character in the novel mentioned above, has pale skin, wide set eyes, a scarred mouth and no nose. She behaves like a 6-year-old child (that is her actual age), but has the fully developed body of a woman.

    Personality At the beginning, a New Race being is very malleable - unless they were constructed with a specific purpose in mind. Most New Race beings do not have former memories and start off as a child in an adult body.
    Physical Description New Race beings have a very "assembled" look. They bear characteristics of at least two different creatures.
    Relations Depending on how long they have been outside the Tower, New Race beings are more or less insecure with their environment. They do not tend to have prejudices at the beginning. New Race beings are mostly seen as "freaks". New Race beings have problems integrating themselves into society.
    Alignment Most New Race beings are of some form of neutral alignment, however, there are many exceptions. Usually they are still in a "developing phase" where they do not have a specific alignment (yet).
    Lands New Race beings have no lands unless they have formed a tribe.
    Beliefs New Race beings believe in their creators, whether fondly or with disgust or hatred.
    Language Common, sometimes rhulisti or the language of the race their brain was taken from...
    Names New Race beings have very exotic names either given to them by the Halfling in the Pristine Tower, by the people they have encountered or by themselves (usually a word they liked the sound or meaning of).
    Adventurers Most New Race beings are very grateful for acceptance. If they happen to get integrated into a band of adventurers they will go wherever they go. New Race beings are always in search of a home/family.
    R a c i a l T r a i t s
    Size The size of a New Race being can vary extremely, most new Race beings are of average to about elven height.
    Adjustments depending on their physicality, New Race beings can get penalities or bonuses on any abilities. The usual modifier is a penalty on Charisma and Wisdom which can be balanced with a bonus on Constitution and Strength.
    Base Speed usually like humans
    Recommended Classes New Race beings can theoretically be anything. It is more difficult for them to become a psion, psychic warrior, wizard or bard. There has never been a New Race druid or cleric so far. Especially druids would object to train a creature assembled of dead material of many other creatures. Likewise, it is extremely difficult for New Race beings to acquire bardic knowledge. Know occupations have been eleganta, gladiator, brute, fighter, trader and rogue.

    Crag giants (Thanks to Nytcrawlr for helping with conversion!)

    Crag giants are roughly described in the "Mind Lords of the Last Sea" supplement. However, we find that their description remained quite flat in connection with Dark Sun. We also thought, there might be other storm-giant communities on Athas, maybe outside the known terrain.

    Storm giants are intelligent giants who hail from the Last Sea region.

    Personality Crag giants are also called Lonely Giants. They are gentle, reclusive and tolerant.
    The Yorsaa are a proud people. They take pride in all their achievements and will fiercely protect what is theirs. They bear a strong hatred for the Sorcerer monarchs and all defilers. Since there are so very few left of them, they have retreated from the Sorcerermonarchs' territory. But if it came to a war against the defilers, they would join with the enemies against them.
    A storm-giant would always help a member of the Veiled Alliance, even if it costs his/her own life, just to show their hatred against the defilers. If a storm-giant community is at risk, however, the stormgiant might hesitate.
    Physical Description Storm giants, as the name implies, are BIG. They look more human and civilised than the ordinary Athasian giant.
    Relations Storm giant live a fairly secluded life in the Last Sea region. They are suspicious, but friendly to outsiders. They bear a strong hatred for the Mindlords who once threatened to destroy them if they don't bend to their will. The Crag giants are slowly dying out.
    Alignment Most storm giants are of some form of neutral or good alignment
    Lands On Athas they life in the jungle on top of the Lonely Butte where the Mindlords put them into some sort of reservation.
    In our campaign they have a mixed celtic/Tyr/Urik flair. They call themselves "Yorsaa" and used to live in huge stone cities in the mountains.
    Beliefs Storm giants believe in the elements, nature.
    Language Storm giant (Yorsaa), common
    Names Male: Conar, Ekvaar, Keldar, Kelis, Prias, Tyrgar, Urnis, Yolnar.
    Female: Askli, Brana, Dhala, Eeskla, Jorma, Losaa, Reshana, Tarsaa, Uraa, Vadraa, Yadri, Yola.
    Adventurers Young storm giant are rebels. The adults try to keep them in the Last Sea region, but the more stubborn storm giants manage to leave the Last Sea region to seek adventure - and some find they cannot return.
    R a c i a l T r a i t s
    Size giant-sized
    Adjustments +? STR, +?CON, -? Dex, -? Wis, -? Cha?
    Base Speed 50 ft., swim 40 ft.
    Recommended Classes Cleric (about 65% of adult Crag Giants are air clerics. Crag Giants can choose any domain that is associated with air), Fighter, Preserver, Healer.
    Other Special Attacks: Rock throwing, Spell-like abilities
    Special Qualities: Electricity immunity, Freedom of movement, Rock catching, Water breathing
    Str 40, AC: 22 (-2 Size, +1 Dex, +13 Natural)
    Spell-like abilities (Sp): Once per day a Crag Giant can call lightning as a 15th-level druid and use chain lightning as a 15th-level sorcerer. Twice per day a Crag Giant can control weather as a 20th-level druid and levitate as a 20th-level sorcerer. Save DC is 12 + spell level.

    Freedom of movement (Su): Crag Giants continuously have freedom of movement as the spell.

    Water breathing (Ex): Crag Giants can breathe underwater indefinitely and can freely use their spell-like abilities while submerged.

    Skills and Feats: Crag giants ignore all weight penalties for gear carried while swimming.

    Athasian Genasi

    Genasi are the offspring of a human(oid) and an elemental creature. Since they bear the physical (and not only the physical...) characteristics of both partents, they tend to get mistaken for a New Race being.
    Taking up the idea from the "Quintessential Cleric" book (by Mongoose Publishing), an Athasian Genasi could even be created when an elemental patron "injects its essence into an unborn child" (p.22).

    Genasi are always created with a purpose in mind: to be a humanoid representation of the element on Athas. The element seeks to increase its influence, seeks to communicate though the genasi. At least that is the theory. Genasi often do not behave like their parents want them to. Some are too arrogant to communicate in an effective way, some seek personal profit, some cannot handle the pressure and responsibility that is placed upon them and others are just too far removed from Athasian reality in their minds, this way not being able to communicate in an understandable manner.

    Personality Although the personalities of genasi vary substantially, it can be said that the majority of genasi see themselves as superior to any other race. In their eyes they are "half-gods" and demand respect or worship from other beings - save the elements. They also tend to despise other forms of worship (e.g. to Gods or Ancestors).
    There is fierce enemity between Genasi and the Para-genasi (except rain-genasi). Paragenasi (with the exception of rain-genasi)are generally more power-hungry than "true" genasi. They also have less respect for life.
    Physical Description Every genasi is completely different from another genasi in appearance, behaviour, aura etc. even if they are of the same elemental origin: there can be the blind, pensive blue-skinned air genasi, the wild, stubborn, supremacist air genasi and the vain hedonist air genasi. However, a few common characteristics can be found. A few rought guides are given below.
    Relations If people find out a genasi's true origin, most Athasians react with disbelief. Clerics are of mixed opinions. Some clerics worship genasi, some think they are an abomination, some are irritated, but very few have no opinion at all.
    Genasi themselves have mixed opinions about other genasi (and also about clerics...). Strangely, they are feel even more awkward with genasi of their own element than with genasi of other elements.
    Due to the "war" between the "true" elements and some of the para-elements, genasi and para-genasi have been known to hunt and assassinate each other.
    Alignment Theoretically, genasi can be of any alignment. In practice, it depends on their parental heritage and what they experienced in their life. E.g. a fire genasi tend to be more chaotic than, let's say, earth genasi.
    Lands Athasian Genasi do not possess lands in general, however, there are sometimes cults or communities (tribes) that have formed around a particular genasi.
    Beliefs Genasi do not really "believe" in the elements like other Athasians. They "are" of the elements and use their powers. In fact, they almost demand the same amount of worship. Some genasi who are not quite as arrogant try to find followers to increase the power of a certain element and restore Athas in the spirit of their parent-element. Sometimes, elemental beings especially create genasi for this purpose, however, they cannot command their offspring and often, the genasi have other plans for themselves.
    Language Genasi speak common, the language of their parents and the language of the area they grew up in.
    Names The names always have something to do with their heritage, whether it is in the sound or in the meaning of their name. Usually genasi have at least two names. One by which Athasians/their humanoid parent addresses them, and one by which elementals address them (which is usually impossibole to pronounce by non-elementals).
    Adventurers Most genasi get bored easily - either with the area, the their worshippers, lack of worship, lack of excitement etc. Also, young genasi are are extremely arrogant and overestimate their powers. They think they can defeat anybody easily - a misconception that often proves fatal.
    More sensible genasi adventure to learn about Athas within their plans to help to shape Athas in the spirit of their element.
    Racial traits most of the racial traits are dependent on the elemental parent of the genasi (see below). What all genasi have in common is their increased life-span (which on Athas, of course, means only little...).
    The spell-like abilities of a genasi vary. The spell-like abilities cited below are mere suggestions for possible powers.

    Earth, Air, Fire and Water

    Earth Genasi
    Most Athasian earth genasi have dark or sand-coloured leathery skin and sand-coloured eyes. They are exceptionally strong, usually hairless and their features appear chiseled. An earth genasi's speech is often slow and their voice is deep.

    The Planewalker's Handbook describes them as "strong, immovable and ponderous"

    Size Earth genasi tend to be slightly smaller than elven, human (or half-giant) parents, but taller than halfling or dwarven parents.
    Adjustments Str +1, Con +1, Cha -1, Dex -1
    Base Speed 30 ft.
    Recommended Classes Cleric, Ranger, Preserver, Psion
    Other Spell-like abilities: Elemental Ward, Gate Element, spells from the domains Earthen Embrace, Forging the Earth, Meek of the Land, Mountain's Fury, Sands of the Ancients.
    Feats: choose from Endurance, Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Leadership, Toughness, Track,
    Skills: Climb, Concentration, Craft, Profession, Intuit Direction, Wilderness Lore, Knowledge (elements), Use Magic Device,

    Fire Genasi
    Fire genasi have dark brown or reddish "terracotta" skin. Their hair and eyes are either black or red, their skin is warm to the touch and their voice makes a crackling sound. Some fire genasi smell slightly smoky, burnt or sulphurous.
    Parties travelling with a fire genasi are advised not to let him/her do the cooking. Lighting the cooking fire is okay, but anything else will result in the fire genasi speciality: burnt food... ; )

    Size Fire genasi are vaguely the same size as their humanoid parent.
    Adjustments +1 Cha, +1 Int, -2 Wis
    Base Speed 30 ft.
    Recommended Classes Cleric, Fighter, Gladiator, Rogue, Preserver, Psychic Warrior
    Other Spell-like abilities: Elemental Ward, Gate Element, spells from the domains Blazes of Rancor, Cleansing Flames, Fiery Revelations, Noxious Release, Wrath of the Firelord
    Feats: Heat Protection, Combat Casting, Iron Will, Shot on the run, Power attack, Forge Ring
    Skills: Alchemy, Concentration, Heal, Craft, Profession, Knowledge (elements), Use Magic Device,

    Air Genasi
    The breathy voice of an air genasi resembles the coming of a sand storm. Air genasi sport the most extravagant hairstyles on Athas (fire genasi come second...). Their skin-colour is the lightest of all genasi.

    Size Air genasi are much lighter than their humanoid parents and most often taller.
    Adjustments +1 Dex, +1 Int, +1 Cha, -1 Wis, -2 Str
    Base Speed 30 ft.
    Recommended Classes Preserver, Psionicist, Gladiator, Fighter, Psychic Warrior, Rogue
    Other Spell-like abilities: Elemental Ward, Gate Element, spells from the domains Blossom of the Sky, Exhalation of the Gale, Sense of the Stalker, Serenity of the Clouds, Winds of Ages
    Feats: Blind-fighting, Ambidexterity, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Lighning Reflexes, Expertise (Whirlwind attack), Deflect Arrows
    Skills: Balance, Concentration, Craft, Escape Artist, Profession, Knowledge (elements), Listen, Move Silently, Use Magic Device,

    Water Genasi
    Water genasi must be born in regions with a ready water supply such as the Last Sea and maybe even the Swamp, Lake Island and the Kreen Lands (now can there been Kreen-Genasi???). When forced to travel the desert people tend to mistake them for Villichi, since Water Genasi are forced to travel in hooded cloaks to protect them against the Athasian sun.

    Size Water genasi are about the same height as their humanoid parent.
    Adjustments +1 Cha, - Con
    Base Speed 30 ft.
    Recommended Classes Cleric, Preserver, Ranger
    Other Spell-like abilities: Elemental Ward, Gate Element, spells from the domains Echoes of Crashing Waves, Living Waters, Ocean's Reverence, Ocean's Vengeance, Tears for the Land
    Feats: Find Water, Spell focus, Skill focus, Brew Potion,
    Skills: Concentration, Knowledge (elements), Craft, Profession, Swim, Use Magic Device,

    Paraelemental Genasi

    The paraelements, with the exception of rain, are more powerful on Athas than the "pure" elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Silt, Sun and Magma are becoming more and more powerful as the destruction of Athas is advancing.

    Magma genasi
    Magma genasi are fairly easy to identify. Their distinct features are unmistakable. A magma genasi's skin feels stony and warm to the touch. Their temper is less passionate, but more calculating than that of the fire genasi.

    Size Magma genasi are broader, heavier and smaller than their humanoid parent (their hight remains about the same if the non-elemental parent is a dwarf or a halfling).
    Adjustments +2 Con, +2 Str, -2 Int, -2 Wis (see Dragon no. 297 p.65)
    Base Speed 30 ft.
    Recommended Classes Cleric, Fighter, Psion
    Other Dark vision 60 ft.
    Spell-like abilities: (Para-)elemental Ward, Gate Element, spells from the domains Eruption of the Will, Noxious Release,
    Feats: Heat Protection, Delayed Gathering, Endurance, Great fortitude, Improved Bull Rush, Iron Will, Powerattack, Stunning fist, Toughness, Spell Penetration
    Skills: Alchemy, Appraise, Concentration, Craft, Intimidate, Knowledge (elements), Spellcraft, Profession, Use Magic Device

    Sun genasi
    Instead of smoke genasi, Sun genasi are born on Athas. These golden or dark-skinned beings thrive on Athas like no other genasi. Consequently, they are the most arrogant (and powerful!) of the genasi.

    Size Sun genasi are about the same height as their parents, often slighly taller and of more heroic built.
    Adjustments Cha +2, Wis -2,
    Base Speed 30 ft.
    Recommended Classes Cleric, Fighter, Gladiator
    Other Spell-like abilities: (Para-)elemental Ward, Gate Element, spells from the domains Blinding Rays, Blossom of the Sky, Vision of the Fevered.
    Feats: Endurance, Exotic Weapon Proficiency, Iron will, Power Attack, Lighning Reflexes, Improved Initiative, Spell Focus, Delayed Gathering, Heat Protection, Deflect Arrows, Spell Penetration, Extra Turning
    Skills: Appraise, Bluff, Concentration, Craft, Heal, Intimidate, Intuit Direction, Knowledge (elements), Move Silently, PErform, Profession, Sense Motive, Speak Language, Spellcraft, Spot, USe MAgic Device,

    Silt (ooze) genasi
    Athasian silt genasi are either twisted beings originating from the Swamps where Rajaat undertook most of his experiments with defiling magic. Despite the limited influence of their para-element they tend to be outrageously megalomanic and usually quite dangerous.
    Their madness and tainted background reflects in their appearance. Athasian silt genasi have skin colours ranging from olive to mudbrown to mustard-yellow to dark grey. Their skin feels wet and sticky (as does their hair) and their features and statue are range from asymmetric to simply insane. An essential role-playing feature is their twisted laughter (and twisted humour in general...).
    Silt genasi are only slightly less insane, but far more determined. They seek destruction of all other elements and para-elements.

    Size Both ooze and silt genasi are of about the same height as their parents
    Adjustments Int +2, Cha -2 (or use the official stats from Dragon magazine: +4 Con, -2 Cha).
    Base Speed 30 ft.
    Recommended Classes Clerics, Rogues,
    Other Darkvision 60 ft.
    Spell-like abilities: (Para-)elemental Ward, Gate Element, spells from the domains Obscuring Haze, Sands of the Ancients, Suffocation of the Enemy, Waves of the Master
    Feats: Endurance, Toughness, Delayed Gathering, Improved Critical, Improved Disarm, Sunder, Craft Wondrous Item, Spell Penetration
    Skills: Alchemy, Apparaise, Concentration, Craft, Disguise, Gather Information, Hide, Intimidate, Knowledge (elements), Listen, Move Silently, Profession, Search, Spellcraft, Swim, Use Magic Device.

    Rain genasi

    On Athas, there are no ice genasi, but rain genasi. Rain genasi have soft features, pale skin which needs protection from the sun, and soft, watery eyes of the colour of approaching rain. On average they have a more gentle character than most genasi.

    Size Rain genasi are of about the same height as their parents
    Adjustments Wis +2, Con -1, Str -1
    Base Speed 30 ft.
    Recommended Classes Cleric, perserver, psion
    Other Spell-like abilities: (Para-)elemental Ward, Gate Element, spells from the domains Fury of Storms, Tears for the Land
    Feats: Delayed Gathering, Spell Focus, Deflect Arrows,
    Skills: Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Disguise, Heal, Knowledge (elements), Listen, Move Silently, Profession, Sense Motive, Swim, Tumble, Use Magic Device.


    Nobody knows where shapeshifter come from or when and how they have developed. They are probably a product of wild magic, psionics or a druidic metamorphosis gone wrong. Or they are simply another Athasian mutation. Athasian shape-shifters are humans/elves/half-elves/halfings with the ability to shape-shift into one or several animals.
    Racial ability requirements:

    Personality There are two main types of shapeshifters: the loners and the curious.
    Physical Description Human, elf, half-elf or halfling. Athasian shapeshifters can NOT change into any shape they want. Only very rarely can a shapeshifter take on the shape of any animal he or she knows. The most common animal shapeshifters can transform to is the kirre. Birds and mammals are the rule, but in the past, shapeshifters were known to change into fishes, lizards or other creatures.
    Relations Most shapeshifters are loners or live in a secluded community in the desert. Usually they inhabit an oasis. However, when the shapeshifting ability has developed in a city-dweller, they sometimes stay with their family and use their ablilty to help their next of kin.
    The desert communities are frequently lead by a druid, who is not necessarily a shape-shifter him-/herself. Especially young shape-shifters need guidance. They tend to be fairly uncontrolled at a young age. Some remain savage throughout their lives. Some even prefer the company of animals, particularly after bad experiences with humans.
    Alignment Shapeshifters can be of any alignment.
    Lands Shapeshifters do not have any lands unless they have formed a community or have become druids.
    Beliefs Elements, nature.
    Language Common, animal empathy and sometimes druidic.
    Names depending on background
    Adventurers A poor shapeshifter will "organise" food, money or listen out for opportunities, will work for the Veil or offer serviced to a noble-man or gladiator-trainer. A noble shape-shifter will most probably use his ability to protect his family, gain more power, spy on other families etc. It is rumored that there are a few highly paid bards that have the ability to shape-shift.
    R a c i a l T r a i t s
    Size depending on race of parents
    Adjustments +1 Con, -1 Cha.
    Base Speed as race of parents when in humanoid form, otherwise dependent on animal form
    Recommended Classes The most common classes for shapeshifters are Druid, Fighter, Rogue, however, there are exceptions as there are no limitations.
    Other Shapeshifters can partly shapeshift in order to improve e.g. eyesight or to intimidate. In general, shapeshifters naturally have almost animal-like senses.
    Spell-like abilities: shape-shifting, animal empathy, animal friendship, calm animals, speak with animals


    The Changed are the children of ordinary Athasian humanoids (or other Changed) who were born with a strange mutation. To classify as a Changed the mutation has to be quite severe so that the person actually appears as a being of an unkown race. Usually Changed characters have different racial abilities than those of their parents.

    Personality Changed are usually outcasts, loners, similar to half-elves, but more severely "messed up". The Changed are in search of who or what they are and how deal with it. Some gain a positive relationship with their physicality and long for acceptance while others harbour a deep self-hatred.
    Physical Description The degrees of mutation vary. Sometimes the mutation extends over the whole of the body, sometimes it is just the head and arms or legs, the skin, tails/horns etc.
    Relations Changed are either outcasts, are treated like animals or have had the privilege to be integrated into a tribe/community/family. Changed get on equally bad with any race. The worst race for Changed to encounter are rhul-thaun halflings who will hunt a Changed down like a cursed being from the Swamp.
    Alignment There is no alignment restriction on the Changed.
    Lands The Changed do not have lands unless they have formed a tribe or have become a druid.
    Beliefs depends on the individual
    Language The Changed speak the language of the people they grew up with. Some outcasts who never lived with other people do not speak any language at all.
    Names Some Changed are given names some of which are names, some of which are mean descriptions of their physical traits. There are many Changed who choose a different name for themselves than the one they were given.
    Adventurers There are numerous Changed roaming Athas. A large number has been recruited by druids. Changed who have been integrated into a community are usually fiercely protective of their people and will go on suicide missions in order to protect the village/tribal lands. Other Changed are used as cannon fodder by their community and once they survive and realise this they never return and seek to prove their worth by going adventuring. Sometimes a Changed has to leave when the ruler of a place and swears revenge but has to become powerful enough to defeat the ruler yet. Most Changed, however, end up adventuring by some whim of fate.
    R a c i a l T r a i t s
    Size mostly depending on racial background
    Adjustments depending on mutation.
    Base Speed depending on mutation
    Recommended Classes ranger, druid, psion, eleganta, gladiator, rogue
    Other depending on mutation, often spell-like abilities and strong wild talents


    Offworlders are people who came to Athas through a portal or similar. Offworlders can be of any race, class or abilities. Most of them do not know where they are and have often not voluntarily arrived on this plane. What we like about off-worlders is that they can be anything from a succubus with amnesia and inverted alignment to an intelligent dog spy (don't ask about our experiences with those two...).
    However they should not be made too powerful or so strange, that they are immediately killed by superstitious locals.

    Racial ability requirements:

    Relations Offworlders now either little or nothing when they arrive on Athas. This way they behave very awkwardly at the beginning.
    Alignment any
    Lands Offworlders have no lands unless they have formed a community.
    Beliefs depending on background
    Language usually only non-Athasian
    Names depending on background
    Offworlders make ideal NPCs and adventure hooks. For example an off-worlder...
  • ...has no clue about Athas and draws the attention of .... on him.
  • ... does not have a clue and would not make it long without the PCs help.
  • ...causes a great deal of trouble and has to be brought back or killed.
  • ... could be an idealist and desperately wants to help the Veiled Alliance, the Druids or even wants to kill the Sorcererkings on his own.
  • ...has completely differnt abilities from anybody on Athas (e. g. Sunrunners).
  • ... causes a great deal of chaos.
  • ... is mistaken for New Race etc.
  • ...encounters racism/is a racist himself but suddenly the only one of his kind.
  • ... is looking for a way back.
  • ...comes from a world with a higher standard of technology.

  • Offworlders are also great to play as PCs. You have to remember that the offworlder either does not speak the language or has just learned a little bit of Athasian common...

    Recommended Classes any, however there are few psionically gifted races outside Athas.

    Here are some races that could be discovered/used as Offworlders or used as new Athasian races:


    (Baal fighter)
    Race created by a (long forgotten?) god (at least they think he was one) after his own appearance.

    Personality Baal are proud, but gentle creatures with a strong sense of community, but when provoked, they are fierce and passionate.
    Physical Description Baal look almost like humans. What distinguishes them from ordinary humans are their horns and their tail that is pointed like an arrow. Most of them have fire-red hair and all of them have intense brown eyes. Baal are very charismatic and prefer to wear intense red clothes.
    Relations Baal have very good relationships with other races - even if they do not particularly like the Baal themselves. Baal are very patient and will try to establish a good relationship unless harm is done to their community. Then they will go into battle.
    Some races fear Baal as seducers, but value them as healers and sages.
    Alignment any, most are of good and/or neutral alignment
    Lands Baal either live in cities or villages with other races or in small communities in the desert or mountains. To each community there is an elder who represents the Baal to the outside and who regulates life within the community. Elders are usually priest/fighters.
    Beliefs The belief of the Baal has shifted from the worship of their creator to the worship of the elements. Although their priests are still called after the name of a God, they are truly elemental clerics (most often Earth or Fire, but also Air and Water). The Baal actually believe that their God is the Father of the elements.
    Language Baal speak the same language as humans.
    Names Baal have human names such as
    Female: Ayesha, Estella, Kahmi, Rhiya, Roana, Tarea
    Male: Akeem, Crilon, Jarid, Sadur, Tahil
    Adventurers Baal go adventuring with a purpose: they were given a task by their elder, they go away for personal reasons (e.g. a Baal fell in love with a woman of his community, but she rejected him and now he cannot bear to stay near her and see her with another man), they feel the need to prove their worth, they want to help restore Athas etc.
    Under normal circumstances a Baal does not leave his or her community.
    R a c i a l T r a i t s
    Size medium-size
    Adjustments Cha +1, Wis -1 (they do not know the world outside their community)
    Base Speed 30 feet
    Recommended Classes fighter, psionic warrior, psion, cleric, bard, ranger, trader, preserver. Most Baal are clerics, fighters or healers. The most common combination is fighter/cleric.
  • When down to 5% of their hitpoints they can use Firebreath (1d8) to defend themselves. With each level percentage goes up by 5% and every 5 levels one more round of Firebreath is added.
  • Baal can attack with horns and tail (per horn 1d6; tail, 1d4 or strangling)
  • They can "charm" people with their eyes
    level 0-5: charm/seduce
    level 6-10: paralyse
    level 11-15: hurt
    level 16-20: kill
    level 21-25: burn from inside or disrupt
    No effects known beyond that level...
    All "spells" with saving throws of course...
  • Some baal carry a magical tatoo (or talisman as they call it) that turns into a minor "monster" which works like an alarm (danger instinct) and will also protect the bearer.

    Other special attacks: Head butt, tail whip.
  • Innik

    Innik are mysterious birdmen in an area called the Ancestor Lands.
    Innik or birdmen tribes live in caves in the mountains, but one should not make the mistake to take them for unintelligent cavemen. They possess druidic, shamanic and preserving magic. Their shamans are bearers of knowledge and wisdom long forgotten. They seek to live in accordance with nature. Some innik are also capable psionicists.
    Innik are raised by their mothers and trained by their fathers (no matter what sex). Parents only have a relationshio during the mating, the rest of the time they only have tribal, not sexual relationships. The rest of the time birdmen have relationships among their own sex.

    Personality When one has the opportunity to get to know one closer one will see that they are calm, self-confident and courageous people who are just sceptic concerning beings who have become estranged to nature. The birdmen are philosophers and once they have made friends with non-innik they love to argue about life in accordance with the environment.
    Physical Description Innik, in their human form look almost exactly like humans, apart from feathers covering their head, neck, back and arms.
    Relations Innik are shy when confronted with members of other races. So far they have chosen to live in isolation. They only race that knows about them are the aarakocra. They occasionally exchange or help each other.
    Alignment mostly neutral
    Lands Birdmen live in the Ancestor Lands, a vast system of canyons and caves haunted by spirits and other strange creatures.
    Beliefs elements, shamanic "magic"
    Language Innik
    Names Unpronouncable. Thri-Kreen names are easy against Innik names. Birdmen who chose to have contact with other races assume human or elven names.
    Female: Chiki, Guaana, Iluuka, Kajaa, Uraa, Urda, Vikraa, Xuuna, Yanyil, Yientil
    Male: Akaa, Kenuu, Uranuu, W'kala
    Adventurers Very few birdmen become adventurers. The ones who do are interested for philosophical reasons. Some have heard stories from the aarakocra.
    R a c i a l T r a i t s
    Size medium-size
    Adjustments Cha -1, Con +1
    Base Speed 30 feet in humanoid form, 80 ft. in bird form (good)
    Recommended Classes tribal+solitary shaman, ranger, psion, druid, preserver, healer.
  • transformation into a bird
  • Innik work preserving magic without using speech.
  • Survivors of the Great War
    (stats for "People and Places")

    The Athasian Wemic

    The lion-people. Wemics have the lover body of a lion and the upper body of a "human".
    Unfortunately the wemics were the first to die in the War. They were more emotional than rational, too disorganised and too predictable to have a chance against Rajaat and his ambitious 9th Champion Tectuktitlay. Today only few things remind of the extinguished wemic culture. Wemic architecure is said to have been a model for the city of Urik and certain strong alcoholic brews were certainly invented by the leonine creatures.

    Racial ability requirements:

    Personality Wemics now are more serious and severe than their earlier counterparts.
    While in the past, wemics loved to celebrate and sing and dance, they now see these things as vices. Instead they channel their artistic ability into weapon-smithing and inventing new fighting styles and techniques. Their music has become sad and mysterious. Their bards' performances are extremely intense. Bards have the ability to use "Warcry" during battle. This cry causes fear in non-wemics.
    Wemics are extremely proud and will fiercely defend what is theirs.
    Physical Description A wemic looks like a cross between a halfling and a lion. That means from the waist down their body is that of a lion and from the waist up they can easily be confused with halflings because of their thick wild mane.
    Relations Wemics are skeptical regarding any people approaching their lands.
    Alignment any neutral or good, rarely lawful or chaotic evil
    Lands Once wemic nomads used to roam the Athasian desert in tribes of about 50. Yet not all wemics lived as nomads - at least not all their life. Since wemics were known for their artistic skills they were often hired as painters, sculpturers or even architects. This way quite a number of wemics became permanent residents of cities and even made their way into politics.
    Beliefs Nature, elements. Wemics fear "unnatural" things (e.g. undead, ghosts)
    Language wemic, common
    Names Male: Wakaj, Xohaij Ugorij,
    Female: Wakhara, Makawi'i, Ulawra
    Adventurers The only time a wemic goes adventuring is when he accidentally walked into a field of wild magic. Wemics always stay on their lands in order to escape the attention of the Sorcererkings - at least until they have become a major force again...
    R a c i a l T r a i t s
    Adjustments -4 Cha, +4 Con, +4 Str, -2 Wis, -2 Dex
    Base Speed
    Recommended Classes fighter, shaman, bard (loner: druid, ranger; city dweller: psionicist, preserver, trader...)
    Other Wemics...
  • ...have a noatural armour class of
  • ...get 5 additional HP on 1st level
  • ...can use their claws to attack : 2x 1d4 damage
  • in addition to claw attack they can use hand weapons simultaneously
  • ...jump 3 meters high and 10 meters far
  • ...count as large opponents
  • ...often have one or more wild talents
  • ...have developed a special gift to manipulate sound and use it as a weapon in combat (innate)
    It can, for example, cause paralysis, fear and panic.
  • The Half-Wemic

    A half-wemic is the result of a union of a human and a wemic. Most half-wemics had parents who truly loved each other, few were the result of rape or magical breeding.

    Personality Half-wemics often come in too different "breeds": The "pleasure-seeker" and the "philosopher".
    The pleasure-seeker despises the severe way of the wemic life-style and possibly both parents. He/she is sick of being miserable.
    The philospher does not know what to make of himself. He is quiet, controlled but also very passionate. He feels unique and is looking for his place in the world. Sometimes he hides his features under a hooded cloak.
    Physical Description Half-wemics are almost human in appearance: apart from a leonine face and a tail, and sometimes a mane, claws or fur covered skin their body looks entirely human.
    Relations In the past, this offspring was accepted neither by humans nor by wemics. Often both parents were killed defending the child from angry wemics, humans or slave hunters. The latter had special clients on the slave market: assassin trainers, bored nobles and brothels. For all the contempt the other races had for half-wemics they still feared the creatures or were fascinated by their exotic appearance.
    Alignment any
    Lands none
    Beliefs either atheist or elements
    Language common, most know Wemic
    Names Half-wemics are usually given one human and one wemic name.
    R a c i a l T r a i t s
    Size human
    Adjustments Str +2, Con +2
    Base Speed 30 feet
    Recommended Classes Philosopher:fighter, bard, psion, psionic warrior, (defiler), preserver, druid, ranger, cleric, healer
    Pleasure-seeker: rogue, bard (psiducer, eleganta etc.), trader, fighter, gladiator, (defiler)
  • some half-wemics have claws they can use for an attack: 2x 1d4 damage
  • half-wemics have the ability to move silently and to hide in shadows
  • Half-wemics are sensitive to sound, some can "shape" sound.

  • The Athasian Gnome

    The Athasian gnome is "sightly" different from your "ordinary" gnome:

    Personality Athasian Gnomes are serious, proud, martial, reckless and very vain.
    Athasian gnomes, like their peers, are proud of their numerous inventions which helped some of them survive the Cleansing Wars and after. The style and history of many inventions can be traced back to the art and philosophy of the life-shapers.
    Athasian Gnomes are very paranoid and have developed some form of "hive-mind". They they see themselves as gears in the clockwork. Everybody has their part in their hidden society & this society needs to be protected at all costs.
    Gnomes are correct, fast, almost nervous and concerned about a correct appearance. Often they are so ambitious that the pressure they put on themselves makes them become a little "weird", especially as they grow older...
    Although Athasian gnomes are keen inventors, they have a phobia against mutation. Mutation to them is not interesting, but horrific as they symbolise a lack of control... and gnomes are control-freaks!
    Physical Description A gnome looks like a slightly undernorished dwarf with pointed ears (but don't tell them!). They are smaller and of a lighter build.
    Unlike the Athasian Dwarf the Athasian gnome possesses facial hair. Gnomes are very proud of their hair, especially of their often artistically patterned beards. This peculiar style, which resembles facial tattoos, gives them a rather martial look. This impression is further increased by their choice of clothing. Gnomes love dark clothing, and especially dark armour, be they a fighter or not.
    Relations Gnomes keep to themselves. The only relations they maintain are with the large intelligent "firebirds" who also live in the Sea of Silt region.
    Alignment most of them are of lawful/neutral alignment
    Lands Inside the Obsidian Mountains, a range of volcanic mountains. Athasian gnomes love the heat from the volcanoes and the "homely" darkness of mountain caves. Gnome caves are never left in their natural state. They are subjected to a bizarre, complex kind of architecture which to non-gnomes looks very sinister.
    Beliefs atheist
    Language An ancient Athasian dialect of gnomish which no gnomes outside Athas will ever understand.
    Names Male: Atlon, Remulus, Aeneos, Odos, Stilgar, Talon. Female: Attila, Daria, Latia, Lexia, Myrtia, Ruala.
    Adventurers Gnomes do not adventure unless they have to get a component for an invention. They are paranoid about being discovered.
    R a c i a l T r a i t s
    Size small: 3 to 3 1/2 ft.
    Adjustments -2 Str, +2 Dex
    Base Speed 20 ft.
    Recommended Classes fighters, psion, defiler (gnomes just use, never protect), engineer.
    Other infravision of 18 meters (on Athas: distinguishing hot things from VERY hot things...)
    spell-like abilities: Ghost sound, Detect Magic, Detect Secret Doors
    The gain +2 to alchemy checks and +2 racial bonus to saving throws against illusions. Athasian gnomes have inherited a talent for working with illusion which they use to protect their dwellings. This could have been the trait that saved them from Rajaat.
    Carrying capacity 3/4 of those of medium-sized creatures
    Athasian gnomes do not live as long as "ordinary" gnomes. Due to their still considerably long life-span and their talent for psionics they make excellent psionicist. Gnome psionicists seek to protect their community.

    The Athasian Troll

    Athasian trolls are very different from their relatives on Krynn. They are far from being as uncivilised as these instinct-driven flesh-eaters. Imagine them more like the "Earthdawn/Shadowrun" trolls (if we may suggest so...).

    Personality Trolls like to like threatening, but really they are friendly and hospitable creatures (in a slightly "rough" way...) once they get comfortable with a person. But Athasian trolls are also temperamental.
    Physical Description Trolls have an impressive physicality. They are tall, broad and muscular, though not as wide as half-giants. Their skin is very hard and uneven. Two horns sprout from their head. Trolls have no hair on their head, but they grow facial and other body hair. Their ears (and four of their teeth) are pointy.
    Relations Trolls maintain good relations to other Survivor races.
    Alignment mostly good and neutral alignments
    Lands Unlike the wemics or dwarves, the Trolls have gone back to their original life-style. They have forgotten the threats of the past and live a peaceful life in communities outside the reach of the Champions. Almost all Trolls have never even heard of the War. This chapter of history is erased from Troll history. Only very few people know of the War. They will never admit this, however, they get nervous when the War is mentioned and will try to change the topic.
    Beliefs Elements
    Language Troll (Athasian), common
    Names Male: Darg, Enor,
    Female: Resa, Tagri,
    Adventurers Trolls used to be great adventurers. After their bare survival they had to restrict their explorations to areas out of the reach of the former Champions.
    R a c i a l T r a i t s
    Size about 7 - 8 ft.
    Adjustments Con +2, Str +4, Dex -2, Cha -4
    Base Speed 30 ft.
    Recommended Classes fighter, cleric, trader, preserver, psion (rare), druid (rare)...
    Other There are very few troll psionicists, but the troll psionicists there are, are widely feared and respected. Many trolls possess wild talents.
    Trolls have a natural armour class of 11.
    Trolls prefer huge weapons made from agafari wood.

    The Athasian Orc

    The desert-dwelling Athasian Orc is far more cultured than the Common Orc. They are not chaotic evil aggressors, but nomadic traders.

    Personality Orcs are proud of what they have achieved. They regard themselves as cultured and try to behave like it. They make rather good diplomats.
    A vice they have adopted is gaming and good food and entertainment. However, orcs are "sober" enough to play only when they are sure they can make profit!
    Physical Description Orcs are slighly smaller than humans. They have light-grey skin, muscular bodies and sharp teeth. Two very prominent fangs are pointing upwards from their mouth. Orcs grow no body hair apart from some hair on their head which they shave off, leaving out an area on the back of the skull where their hair grows into a long tail. Some orc men and women are completely bald or shave their hair into interesting patterns and styles (e.g. mohican). Most of the time, their head is covered up by a scarf to protect them from sandstorms and the sun.
    Relations Orcs have (and seek) good trading relationships with other races.
    Alignment neutral (tendency: evil)
    Lands Athasian Orcs have been living as nomands since they were expelled from their country. They worked their way up from "lost culture" and "no culture" to "found culture". They adapted a lot of customs from other nomad-tribes and city-dwellers. To survive they had to learn the necessary skills such as herding animals, producing goods for trading and generally surviving in as desert nomads.
    Orcs have just begun to live in cities (trading posts) again, but most of them are still nomads.
    Beliefs orcs respect the elements and believe in good business
    Language Orcish, common and many other useful languages
    Names Male: Jharaar, Taariul, Damraar, Hakraar, Harruul
    Female: Chaala, Maarula, Umaala, Raamula, Inaala, Maarari, Harruri
    Adventurers Most orcs are interested in trade relationships and profitable treasure hunting. Some orcs work as bodyguards or have renounced business for the life of a monk.
    R a c i a l T r a i t s
    Size medium (slightly smaller than humans)
    Adjustments -2 Cha, +2 Con, +2 Str, -2 Dex
    Base Speed 30 feet
    Recommended Classes trader, fighter, monk (psi warrior).
    Other Orcs are know to have wild talents to benefit their trading negotiations.

    The Athasian Ogre

    The Athasian Ogre is a grumbly hermit. They resemble Ogre Mages.

    Personality Athasian ogres are solitary people. They roam across the world and occasionally work as mercenaries (headhunters, slave hunters), arena supervisors or healers. They are very intelligent creatures, often cranky or sinister geniuses. Athasian ogres don't like to talk. They prefer to be left alone.
    Physical Description Athasian Ogres look like tall skinny dark-skinned humans with two little horns and long teeth. Their hair is either black, silver or dark red. Their nails and eyes are all black.
    Athasian ogres are dressed like desert nomads. They have long slender legs and walk almost as fast as Athasian elves.
    Relations Ogres do not normally form relationships with other people.
    Alignment usually neutral, neutral/evil and lawful evil/and lawful/neutral
    Lands none
    Beliefs atheist
    Language Ogre, common
    Names Male: Jharavi, Yarreki, Farravi
    Female: Dhurvari, Enedri, Chanadri
    Adventurers They are reliable people once they are hired against a hefty price for their services. Ogres don't like to work for other people, but occasionally they have to - and people keep hiring them because they are rational, professional and don't ask questions.
    Many ogres are arrogant and would only help other people if they gain personal profit.
    R a c i a l T r a i t s
    Size Taller than elves, but not as tall as half-giants.
    Adjustments Cha -4, Str +2, Int +1, Con +1
    Base Speed 30 ft., Fly in gaseous form (40 ft.)
    Recommended Classes fighter, psion, psychic warrior, defiler.
    Athasian Ogres cannot be bards/thieves or gladiators
    Other because of leathery skin natural armour class of 5
    The preferred weapon of an Athasian Ogre is the long-bow and scimitars of magically altered materials
    Ogres have spell-like abilities: at will - Daze, Hypnotism, Endure Heat, Cause Fear, Gaseous Form.

    Ranu'uk/Desert Sprite

    Desert sprites or Ranu'uk decend from the Athasian Pixie. Most of them live in oases protecting their environment from defilers or "invading" parties who could spread the word about a secluded oasis or who do not show enough respect for nature.

    Personality Desert sprites are very aware of the dangers that can come across the Athasian desert. They are more serious-minded than their forest-dwelling counter-parts, although they, too, like to celebrate. They perform rituals to worship and to strengthen nature which often include heavy drug use to bring them into a trance.
    Ranu'uk are fierce fighters. They carry poisonous daggers and drugged arrows.
    Physical Description Ranu'uk are tribal, herbivore and defend an area day and night. They move around on foot and with thin sand-coloured leathery (veiny) wings. They closely resemble Athasian elves (long, slender body/limbs, hard facial features and pointy ears.
    Desert sprites can be split in two different "breeeds":
    One who would secretly help an ill or wounded traveller and try to convince people to move away after they have had a break...
    ...and one who fight every intruder no matter what his aligment or intention may be. These sprites are extremely suspicious, even malicious and distrust everything.
    Alignment any. If a desert sprite is of evil alignment it treats potential enemies like an evil person would. Ranu'uk defilers are rare and
    are hunted down by their own kin.
    Lands Several oases.
    Beliefs nature
    Language Ranu'uk, common (usually all Athasian languages)
    Names Male: Raa-jit, Rhu-jar, Yir-kil Female: Juu-na, Ri-pui, Ji-raan, Yaa-ta
    Adventurers Ranu'uk rarely leave their oasis. They only leave it in emergencies to perform a task for their community
    R a c i a l T r a i t s
    Size very small
    Adjustments Str -4, Dex +4
    Base Speed 20 ft., fly 60 ft.
    Recommended Classes Ranger, Preserver, Druid, Fighter, "Bard", Healer. Ranu'uk cannot be gladiators.
    Other unite minds with other sprites
    (to summon them or share emotions)
    Animal Empathy, communicate with animals and plants
    Ranu'uk are not subject to the effects of age. However, they still die after about 200 years.
    Ranu'uk have the following spell-like abilities: Confusion, Detect Alignment, Detect Magic, Sense Defiling/Defiler, Purify Food and Drink, Cure Minor Wounds, Flare, Detect Thoughts, Entangle, Permanent Image, Polymorph Self, Neutralise Poison, Sacrifice (Ranu'uk who are within 50 ft. of a defiler's destruction radius may sacrifice their own life-energy to prevent the land from being defiles. 1 point of damage per leve of the spell the defiler casts.), Create/Detect Water, Summon Swarm.
    Not all pixies have the same spell-like abilities. Some pixies have more spells, mostly druid spells. Pixies suffer less from exhaustion when casting spells.
    Saves: Fort +0, Ref +6, Will +4.
    Pixies prefer agafari javelins, slings and own creations as weapons.

    The Athasian Kobold

    Athasian kobolds look like tiny gith-related night-dwelling creatures.

    Personality Kobolds are sinister creatures. They used to have too many enemies which resulted in a dark outlook on life.
    Physical Description Athasian kobolds resemble reptiles. Their skin is partly in greenish-grey scales, mostly down the back and their lower arms. They have a scaly tail which is about their body length, sharp teeth and a forked tongue.
    Some kobolds look more human, while others look more reptile.
    Relations Kobolds form clans. The most cunning kobold will be the ruler. Kobolds do not seek relations with other races, however, they sometimes like to sabotage other people's plans out of pure boredom and mischief.
    Occasionally they work together with goblins and orcs if they can make a profit or draw blood.
    Alignment neutral evil
    Lands Kobolds live mostly underground and will only come to the surface to hunt at night.
    Beliefs Kobolds belive in something which can be translated as the spirit of the blood which involves rather gruesome rituals.
    Language Kobold, (common, goblin, orc).
    Names Male: Jaru, Jeir, Jrir
    Female: Jvar, Jseer, Jhuur
    Adventurers Kobold adventurers are outcasts or particularly mischievious people who like to sabotage other people's explorations and fights.
    R a c i a l T r a i t s
    Size small
    Adjustments -2 Cha, -2 Wis, -4 Str, +4 Dex, +2 Int, +2 Con.
    Base Speed 30 ft.
    Recommended Classes rogue, fighter, shaman (spiritualist)
    Other Darkvision 60 ft., light sensitity
    Feats: alertness

    The Athasian Goblin

    What has become of the goblin on Athas is a perversion of the perversion. Nobody knows why goblins are now what they are. Some suggest, they tried to re-create them in the Pristine Tower and made a mistake... and the test-subjects escaped.

    Personality grrr...argh! (very sinister and scary)
    Physical Description Athasian Goblins are grey-skinned hairless creatures with sharp fangs and pointy ears. In a nightly attack they can almost resemble undead... A goblin's eyes can have almost any colour.
    Goblins live on raw meat and blood. They like human blood, but prefer animal flesh.
    Relations Athasian Goblins usually do not have an interest in relations with other races. They have only recently begun to work with other races. They sometimes accept work from kobolds (to help raid caravans) or orcs (to protect caravans or raid a competitor's caravans).
    Alignment mainly neutral evil
    Lands Goblins are either solitary or have formed a tribe. Both solitary goblins and tribes have an area they use as their hunting grounds.
    Beliefs atheist
    Language Goblin. Some understand, but cannot speak common. Few can speak common.
    Names Male: R'Curn, Q'orrh
    Female: D'rhar, R'harh,
    Adventurers Goblins only adventure if they are happen to be born with a high intelligence. Then they develop an interest beyond hunting and mating.
    R a c i a l T r a i t s
    Size slightly taller than a mul.
    Adjustments Int -4, Wis -4, Cha -4, Str +4, Con +6, Dex +2 (goblins are very athletic and fast, but are not very skilled doing more complex things).
    Base Speed 30 ft.
    Recommended Classes fighter, gladiator.
    Other Goblins prefer to fight (read: rip large chunks out of your body) with their bare hands
    Darkvision 60 ft.
    Feats: alertness