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  • Athansian Photosynthetic Skin
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  • Spells

    Athasian Photosynthetic Skin
    Level: Suncleric 1
    Components: V, S, DF
    Casting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: Touch
    Targets: Self
    Duration: One day/level
    Saving Throw: None
    Spell Resistance: Yes

    This spell enables the caster to survive without eating. The caster still needs to drink, however. The caster's spell will turn green-ish.
    At a higher level, this spell can be cast on others.


    Freedom Psionics

    I have been working on a version of psionics that I feel comfortable using - a version that in some way reflects the mutability of virtually anything on Athas and is enjoyable to play at the same time.

    First I have to acknowledge my sources. The Freedom! version is pieced together from various other systems and their alternatives. First of all there is the AD&D 2nd edition Psionics Handbook, the S&P Psionics Net Book, the D&D 3rd edition Psionics Handbook and also the Mindscapes system.

    This section will give an idea of how I handle psionics rather than detailed rules. It is supposed to be inspiration rather than a replacement of old rules.

    This section is still under construction.

    How does it work then?

    Mental Base Attack Bonus
    The Mental Base Attack Bonus works like the normal Base Attack Bonus, only that it is modified by intelligence and not by strength. It starts at +1 at level one and the psionicist gains an additional +1 at every level.

    Mental Armour Class (MAC)

    Every psionics user, every target and psionic power has a MAC.
    MAC: 10 + Int bonus + Wis Bonus + defense bonus (see below)

    Tangents. I still operate with tangents. To access the mind of a trained psionicist, an attacker needs to have made 3 successful attack rolls to get three tangents set. For a non-psionicist wild talent you need 2 tangents and for an untrained mind you need 1 tangent for contact.

    The combat is modelled after the physical combat in 3e:


    I have divided the initiative into mental initiative and physical initiative. Non-psionic characters use their dex bonus on their initiative, psionic characters use their int bonus. Characters who are taking both mental and physical action have two initiatives, unless they are psychic warriors.
    I had problems with the psychic warrior who in my view trains to make his mind one with his body. Some psychic warriors might already have the same bonus on int and dex, but this is not always the case. I had the following options to make the psychic warrior have only one initiative: 1. take the average of int and dex bonus (round up? round down?), 2. take the higher or lower bonus of the two 3. take the int bonus, 4. let the player of the psychic warrior know that his aim should be to either raise his dex to his int level or the other way round (ha ha!).
    All these options did not seem very fair or logical. So far the psychic warrior's initiative for both actions are on his int bonus.

    Attack: For an attack you have to roll the target's mental armour class or better.

    Defense: Every trained mind uses one of the following defenses which gives him/her a bonus to their mental armour class:

  • Mind Blank: +4

  • Mind Shield: +5

  • Mental Barrier: +6

  • Intellect Fortress: +5

  • Tower of Iron Will: +6
  • Damage
    I did not like the attribute damage of Third Edition, although it provides great comedy value during an adventure...
    So I modified it.
    I quite liked the mental hitpoint or 'psionic strength point' (PSP) damage and as I'm modelling the mental combat on the physical combat it does make sense.

    PSP calculation
    Level 1:
    each additional level


    I was also considering the availability of certain powers at a certain level.
    This balancing mechanic would be there to prevent psionicists from getting to powerful too soon.